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Go the Distance
Go The Distance by Jim Serger and Jim Serger Jr.
Picture of adult Jim Serger Jr. with his father
Jim Serger Jr. (left) with his father Jim Serger

Thank you for checking out this web site. This site is intended to give you an idea of what can transpire when anyone continues to Go the Distance.

For many reasons people choose not to keep going, they stop. Not seeing they were only a few more yards away from greatness, that greatness is regaining someone of value back into your life.

Many families, friends, loved ones need to understand that unconditional love will be needed every single minute, hour, day, month and year.

This photo is living proof that loved ones can continue on a loving journey all the time, and forever as long as they believe in the cause, believe in the person and most importantly believe that the mission is worth fighting for. --Jim Serger Jr.

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